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Orginal program 12 weeks.12 hours

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Seminars start by downloading the book. You need to pass the test which consists of 45 questions. Upload your cv, videos and certificate you have already earned . • This method is an entertaining exercise program with the help of Pilates which enables muscular and connective tissues to be tight efficiently in the shortest time possible. • With Yoga movements, breathing control and therefore oxygen usage improves and this develops movement continuity. Barpiyo Academy program is 12 weeks 12 hours. You can complete the program online in 12 hours, 3 days.

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• This method is a practice which sets musculoskeletal system in motion functionally. It is the most effective, entertaining, result oriented one-hour training method. By producing and improving endurance and strength in different norms, it concentrates on problematical parts of the body. like hip (gluteal, vastus lateral-medial), back and forearms (biceps, triceps). Barpiyo (Ballet Bar, Pilates, Yoga) presents its combinations in dance format, it is a very entertaining exercise program. • Since ballet bar prevents the risk of falling in some movements, it is a safe and an effective method.

Save time and effort by uploading, certificate already exist any discipline such as Ballet pilates yoga or any sporting background